Pepper Sauce

I have always enjoyed having chili sauce with my food. I love Asian food and all the sauces that are used. This particular sauce is not really a chili sauce but something that I have accidentally come across and it goes with almost anything. While hiking with a good friend of mine she told me a story about how she had this pepper and oil sauce years ago. Supposedly this was a mediterranean sauce. She recently made a batch and gave me some to try. It was so delicious that I had to make some.

First time I made this, I used 6 different peppers, not all hot but most of them were. I had Thai hot peppers, Jalapeños, Indian peppers, Italian hot peppers, Green & Red Bell peppers. This batch of sauce was so hot, I couldn’t enjoy it. It burnt my mouth and stomach lining with only one bite. I was so bummed. Because it was such a big batch I ended up canning them. I gave away a lot of jars to friends and family (with a warning of course) but I still have about 10 jars of this super hot pepper sauce. 

Since then I have worked hard on trying to perfect this recipe. I love how this has come out. Something about the slowly cooked peppers in Olive oil with lots of garlic smells and tastes amazing. It's not that hot but the flavor is great. Yum!! 

  • Prep Time: Varies (depends on how fast you can chop)

  • Cook Time: 1-1/2 - 2 hours


  • 11 cups of chopped Bell peppers (red & green)

  • 5-10 Jalapeño peppers (seeded and & chopped)

  • 15 cloves of Garlic (chopped)

  • 2 cups – EVOO

  • 2 tsp – Himalayan Pink Salt (personal preference on the amount of salt)

  1. Prepare peppers by washing them & chopping (1/2” pieces) - I seeded all mine

  2. Throw them in a large pan

  3. Add Garlic & Salt

  4. Cook on medium to low heat stirring as needed

  5. When your oil & peppers are translucent you can remove the pan from heat

  6. Leave it in the pan to cool

  7. Bottle them when cooled down

My friend leaves hers in a bowl on her counter but I have kept mine in jars. I store the current one I am using in the refrigerator and the rest in my basement. Because it was cooked in oil it should be fine to keep in the basement but it can also be stored in the refrigerator. This sauce is awesome as a topper on anything. We like adding this as a flavor enhancer when I make breakfast potatoes or scrambled eggs, tossing it at the end. It’s good with rice or different types of tacos. Sky is the limit for how you want to use this sauce.

Share your recipe if you have a different version of pepper sauce or chili sauce. I can't get enough!