Welcome to Namaste Delish, where you can find healthy food and unique one of a kind products. I am a proponent of healthy eating habits. I love to find interesting new ways to incorporate my passion for food into things my family will enjoy. I frugally shop my way to the best deals for unique items which enhance my cooking.

Originally from Nepal we ate healthy spicy food, including many types of curry. Coming to the states when I was a teenager opened a whole new world of food possibilities. My recipes and interests are now a fusion of my life's experiences.  


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Hello! I am Srijana and I LOVE food. Food is my passion. I love eating, finding new ingredients and ways to use them to make my food flavorful. I feel that anything I eat should have a depth of flavor. My husband Kevin and I have certain expectations about what a dish should taste like. It’s been hard going out to eat as we expect a certain level of flavor when we order our food.

I am constantly trying to recreate & tweak what I taste at restaurants or see on the internet. Asian flavors are my favorite but I also love curries. The Asian food I make uses healthy ingredients and are simple to put together. My curries on the other hand have a much deeper flavor and are more involved.

I am pretty lucky that Kevin is open to trying new dishes. He recently became a vegetarian so I have been challenged to cook tasty vegetarian dishes! My boys and I love meat so finding a balance of meat & vegetarian dishes is very important in our house. My cooking style is a fusion of my Nepali heritage and what I have learned being in the US for most of my life.  

I am always trying to find a good balance of cooking healthy dishes. My boys are not big on eating their vegetables so I find ways to hide veggies in most of my dishes. To get vegetables onto our plates I started a tradition where everyone chooses what goes into our garden. This has helped them appreciate the food that we grow and eat.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you try some of my recipes and enjoy them as much as we do as a family. I would love to hear from you so leave comments or send me a message.


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