Kale & Quinoa Salad

Kale is a new vegetable for me. We didn't have Kale back home. When we started eating healthy, my mother-in-law Barbara introduced us to juicing. About 6 years ago, she gave us our first juicer. Since then we have been juicing with Kale (Lacinato/Tuscan kale is my favorite), carrots and apples, along with a small piece of Ginger and fresh Turmeric root. In our house, Kale is one vegetable that is always around, for juicing and for this salad that I am sharing today. This salad is very refreshing & of course healthy. Hope you will make it and let me know how you like it.

  • Prep Time: 30-45 min
  • Serving size: 6-8



  1. Wash quinoa thoroughly 
  2. Cook quinoa in about 2 cups of water, once cooked let it cool
  3. Add salt, onion & garlic powder to season quinoa
  4. Chop Kale into 1/4-1/2" pcs, including stems
  5. make a dressing with oil, mustard, lime juice, salt and pepper
  6. Put quinoa and kale in a large enough bowl to be able to mix well
  7. Add diced onion, cucumbers to the bowl 
  8. Pour dressing over and mix thoroughly

I love Lacinato (Tuscan) kale but curly kale will do. Pictures on this recipe shows curly green and purple kale. This salad is super refreshing and healthy, and can last up to 4-5 days in the refrigerator. My salad tends to have more kale than quinoa but you can always add more quinoa to this, along with red bell peppers & avocado. Enjoy! Time for prep varies depends on how fast you are with your knife!